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I SEE YOU by Cinti Laird.. It takes a village to raise a child and one man's example can influence the destiny of an impressionable child for better or worse. I See You is a short educational film about bullying, peer pressure, community responsibility and building bridges to peace keeping.  

 As a Teaching Artist facing bullying on a daily basis, I was inspired to write the short screenplay.  It developed beyond that into a seven series system that incorporates positive reinforcement, literature, accountability, cooperation and incremental leadership development with the goal of anti-bullying at its core.  I call it I See You because I see our children and work to meet them in their place of need.  One child who takes their own life to escape bullying is one child too many in  a desperate situation.  Join me in taking another approach to keep learning fun while developing valuable life enhancing skills that keep playgrounds and recreation centers safe and inviting for all children.  The I See You series is fully downloadable, includes the film, 7 series of Lessons for Living and a surprise bonus.  Your feedback is invited, reach me on info@ISeeyoufilms.ws

Thank you.

Je vous vois by Cinti Laird

Un court métrage traitant de l'intimidation, la pression des pairs, de la communauté responsabilité et

la construction de ponts de la paix. Il faut un village pour élever un enfant et un homme ici l'exemple

donne le ton. Acteurs: Jeremy Johnson, Sante Laird and Kimani Alexander.

Pictured from left to right; Jeremy Johnson, Sante' Laird and Kimani Alexander

Espanol: Una breve película de hacer frente a la intimidación, la presión de los pares, la comunidad responsabilidad y la construcción   de puentes para la paz. Se necesita una aldea para criar a un niño y aquí un ejemplo del hombre establece el tono. 

Swedish: En kort film som behandlar mobbning, grupptryck, gemenskap ansvar och bygga broar för fred. Det krävs en by för att uppfostra ett barn och här en mans exempel anger tonen.

Italia:I See You, un cortometraggio sul bullismo, l'oppressione tra parti, la responsabilità della comunità e la costruzione di ponti per     la pace. E' compito del villaggio crescere un bambini e in questo caso è l'esempio di un uomo a dimostrarlo. Attori: Cinti Laird, Ron Douglass, Felecia Limada, Jeremy Johnson, Kimani Alexander and introducing Sante Laird as Billy Banks.

For Ages 5-12. Thank You.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.  You can stop bullying in your children before it starts, build added confidence and solid communication skills in children as young as 5 years old with the I See You Films Arts-in-Education Series.  Generally 6 to 12 or 13 years however this program was developed with a 5 year old with advanced speaking skills.