Learning is fun.
Learning is fun for adults and children with the I See You Films System.

 Learning is fun and games with I See You Films.                   

As a former Teaching Artist in NYC schools, called upon specifically to make learning fun by incorporating arts into education, Actress, Cinti Laird always began her classes by equalizing everyone. Setting the stage for civility, mutual respect and cooperation is fundamental for students to feel safe in the uninhibited exploration of arts. Theatrical arts specifically rely on the cooperation, personal growth and development of each student involved because by nature the craft of play acting requires that people trust and work together effectively to achieve common goals.  As in life - in art all are created equal, yet differently.   For example, when it comes to special gifts - each one has something unique to bring to the table.  Without a safe environment some may never discover their gifts amid the loud noise of ridicule.  Hence, gifts are not to be judged, only nurtured toward their fullest potential.  Children are a gift, our greatest natural resource.  Without children humanity would become extinct.  It is our duty to find ways to overcome a bullying epidemic which continues to threaten youth longevity.  


With children as young as 7 years old committing suicide to escape bullying, amid teens and adolescents reaching for fire arms as a way to even the score against their tormentors - an anti-bullying program that goes to the root of the problem is finally realized with the I See You Films Anti-Bullying System.  Early Childhood Education and intervention is key and to that end, the initial system is designed for children aged 6 through 12.  It goes beyond 12 year old's, incorporating community leadership roles for teens and adultsThe I See You Films Series I is designed to engage all ages from 6 -100, who want to get involved, have fun with little effort or notice given to it's built in anti-bullying components.  


We know that the I See You Films Series works for Teaching Artists.  With a humble heart and a positive attitude a variety of people, volunteering from all walks of life to buy and administer the I See You Films Series can positively impact communities and change lives.  For best results, strictly adhere to guidelines and call on us with questions.  There is a message box at the bottom of this page where you can send inquiries.  One child who would rather face suicide than one more day of being bullied is one child too many.  With I See You Films children learn to communicate effectively while working together toward a common enjoyable purposeful production goal.  The unity of positive accomplishments where each child is responsible for specific tasks to complete the project fosters healthy dependence upon each other, fostering respect for individual gifts.


If you are affiliated with a theater, summer camp, youth club, educational institution, religious organization, early childhood development,  recreational or after school program we want to hear from you. We are happy to train your volunteers and staff who can continue to promote anti-bullying for the long term. It's not something that a one time seminar will address effectively.  Like eating healthy and keeping fit, making a pledge to be self respectful and respectful of others is a life-long deal. Keeping the promise will require some help along the way, however for those who learn early in life, it will be a natural process. The 8 to 12 week I See You Films Series is a start toward creating healthy habits that promote cooperation and effective communication toward eliminating bullying in the process.  

Send us an e-mail. We are open to all sorts of suggestions and to working with people in many situations in order to promote effective early childhood intervention. I See You Films, working to keep childhood child's play with your help in your community because it still takes a village to raise a child.

$100 for the 12 Week Series  less than $10 a week.  Short film, activities and optional music bonus included.

I See You Films Arts-In-Education Anti-bullying Series; a hands on solution. 

Boys demonstrate how bullying deeply affects young children.  


I See You Films Arts-In-Education Series

A hands on solution to promoting healthy, happy childhoods

Enjoy helping children explore their artistic gifts, develop effective communications skills and combat bullying with the I See You Films Arts-In-Education Series.  Designed by an arts-in-education professional for use by educators, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and community volunteers with positive attitudes. Open a window to endless possibilities!

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